Liability Disclaimer

Release of liability, waiver of claims and identity.

1.   Committee and organizer Felda MTB Jamboree 2014 hereinafter have taken all due care and caution in preparation and organization of the event, due to the nature of event, organizers /  sponsors  / event committees accept no responsibility of any kind direct or indirect for any accident /  injury / death / loss of property before, during and after the said event.
2.   Participants in the event is at their own risk.
3.   Physically fit and medically fit to participate in this event.
4.   Please be aware that this event maybe potentially dangerous in an open course environment and may results in serious injuries or death.
5.   In case of withdrawal from participation, no refund will be permissible
6.   Please read and understood the term and condition of participation in the event.
7.   The organizers reserve the right to change the venue, dates and/or prize of the event, if exceptional circumstances so demand.

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